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FREE postage on Australian orders over $50!
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Hi Friend

Amy and Annelies
Our love affair began instantaneously when Amy’s brother brought Annelies home to meet the fam bam. If you were a fly on the wall it would have looked like a couple of hyena’s laughing but to these gals it was love at first sight.
Our mutual love of vintage clothing only kept growing that we needed an outlet - hence Vagabond Vintage was born. 
A wink and a secret handshake later, it was on... and every baby-free moment was filled with a vintage "MOVIE MONTAGE".
We value Sustainability and Self Empowerment, which is why we're encouraging everyone to purchase quality pre-loved instead of buying into the hype of fast fashion. Your special items will be sent in compostable packaging using a 100% carbon neutral service because creating a circular economy is super important to us. #LetsKickButt